009APBL Jennifer Holland 010
United States
18 - 20

Amy - Best friend

Alyson - Best friend

Lube - Sex mate and Boyfriend

Rob Shearson - Friend

Nathan - friend
Portrayed by
Jennifer Holland
Ashley is a Character who appeared on the DVD franchise of American Pie. She is a cheerleader who is friends with Amy and Alyson, and is Lube's longtime love interest. She first appears as she, Amy and Alyson was walking on the hall way as Lube was looking on her. Ashley, Amy and Alyson met Lube, Rob and Nathan on the mall and the girls leave. Rob encounters Ashley and Ashley brings Rob to a dressing room and Ashley removes her top and puts the bra that she wants to buy inside the pants of Rob and Ashley leaves, Rob was caught and Rob pays the bra with her mother's credit card. Rob met with Ashley and gives Ashley her bra. Later Lube tells Ashley what how feels about her, moving her to subtle tears. Ashley and Lube begin a relationship and make love.

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