Scott Stifler is the youngest cousin of Steve Stifler and a supporting character in American Pie presents Book of Love.


His obnoxious behaviour, everlasting sex drive and frequent insults are more in common with his elder cousins Steve than Erik and Dwight. However, unlike his older cousins, Scott seems strikingly sensitive, apparently crying after ejaculation. Taking the helm from Steve, Scott hosts some of the most infamous and raunchy parties the students at East Great Falls have to offer. Unlike his cousins Steve, Matt, Erik, and Dwight who were the main characters of one of the prior 4 films (American Wedding, Band Camp, The Naked Mile, and Beta House - respectively). He also seems to change his attitude after being intimately violated by a moose in the film


  • It is possible his name derives from actor Seann William Scott, who portrays Steve Stifler in the main series.
  • He appears to be one of the only Sti Levenstein.
  • Like Matt, Scott has a sympathetic side and dislikes seeing women cry.
  • Also like Matt, Scott redeems himself after having some comeuppance. As mentioned above, he hates seeing women cry. As a result, he comforts a girl upset over losing her boyfriend, becoming just like Matt as a changed man.
  • He is the main antagonist in the movie like his cousin Steve Stifler. But like Steve, he turns good in the end.